Diagnostic Reading Assessment

Does Your Child Struggle With Reading?

A Diagnostic Reading Assessment will help identify why your child struggles with reading.

What Is A Diagnostic Reading Assessment?

Reading Success Center utilizes a diagnostic reading assessment that is administered INDIVIDUALLY to your child by a Reading Specialist.  The test is a hands-on, untimed assessment that can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon which skills are being assessed and the need for rest breaks.

Our Reading Specialist conducts this diagnostic reading assessment in a friendly and supportive environment.  It is not a paper and pencil or computer generated test that may sometimes cause a student to become anxious or bored.

The goal of the diagnostic reading assessment is to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses in Pre-Reading Skills, Oral Reading Accuracy, Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Question and Answer Response, Critical Thinking, Writing and Vocabulary.

Our Reading Specialist will analyze the results of the diagnostic reading assessment and create a written report for the parents.  The accuracy of this narrative report is based upon our Reading Specialist’s 25 years of experience diagnosing reading difficulties and developing effective Reading Intervention Plans for students K-12.

Parents will meet with our Reading Specialist to review the written report.  At this meeting, the parents will:

  • Learn about all of the patterns of reading behaviors that were observed and what may possibly be causing those behaviors.
  • Learn which skills have been mastered and which skills are still weak or missing.
  • Receive suggestions for how to have fun at home while reinforcing the student’s reading skills.
  • Have an opportunity to purchase a Lesson Package from Reading Success Center.
Our Educational Plan is Highly Effective

  • Administer Individual Diagnostic Reading Assessments to Identify Needs.
  • Use the Results of Diagnostic Tests to Plan Individual Instruction.
  • Teach Targeted Skills & Strategies to Optimize Learning.
  • Progress Monitor to Inform Instruction Decisions.
  • Train Parents to Support Student at Home.
  • Add Daily Practice to Ensure Success.
  • Always Have Fun While Learning.
  • Ensure Student Success