Here are some of the questions we are asked most often:

What is the difference between a Tutor and a Reading Specialist - Learning Consultant?

Most tutors help a student who is just starting to struggle with a new concept.  Tutors usually reinforce what the classroom teacher is working on and help with homework and assignments so that the student does not fall behind.  Tutors may or may not be certified teachers.

A Reading Specialist – Learning Consultant is a highly trained certified teacher who determines WHY someone has been struggling with literacy acquisition and then designs and implements a plan for remediation.  A Reading Specialist – Learning Consultant will usually have a Master or Doctorate in Education.

A Reading Specialist – Learning Consultant will:

  • Identify the cause(s) of the reading, writing, or critical thinking delay.
  • Design an individualized learning plan.
  • Use multi-sensory instruction to teach developmentally appropriate skills/strategies.
  • Suggest and demonstrate appropriate learning resources.
  • Guide, coach, and support parents and teachers.
  • Collaborate with school personnel and other service providers.
  • Make referrals to community services as needed.
What do you charge for lessons?

We provide individualized services so the cost for lessons will be based on several factors including the type of assessment required, the number of lesson hours purchased, and the method of payment. 

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY one-hour consultation for you and your child so that we can casually observe your child interact with reading and writing tasks.  The observations made during the consultation will help us determine which type of assessment may be required in order to diagnose the skills your child needs to learn.  

During the free consultation you will be provided with all of the information you will need to make the correct decision for your family including assessment and lesson fees.  At that time we will also make appropriate suggestions for how you can start to help your child at home.

How do I sign up for lessons?

The process starts with a phone conversation so that we can learn of your concerns and gather background information about your child.  At that time we can schedule the free consultation.  Call 772-905-8957 or submit a completed contact form on this website so that we can contact you.

Will you help my child prepare for state tests?

Our focus is on teaching and learning rather than test preparation because we believe when students have the tools they need to read with Fluency and Comprehension, to effectively express their ideas in Writing, and to efficiently solve problems in Math, they will develop confidence and have the ability to do well on any state test.

Will you come to my house to teach lessons?

Private homes and libraries are not environments conducive to learning because students who struggle need a quiet and distraction-free setting to learn.    

We conduct all of our lessons at our own educational facilities in Port St. Lucie and Stuart where we are able to control the learning environment by keeping it free of noise and other distractions.  Our highly trained teachers also need to have access to all of our teaching tools so that they can take advantage of every teachable moment.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our teachers are experienced state certified teachers who have earned a certificate in Elementary K-6, Early Childhood, English, and/or History PLUS additional special area certification for Reading, Literacy, Special Education, and/or English as a Second Language. 

All of our teachers have at least one college degree in Education – most of our teachers have one Master degree, some have two Master degrees, and one teacher is working on a Doctorate.

Can you help me if I am having difficulty homeschooling my child?

We help you improve your homeschool experience by offering a Complimentary one-hour consultation for you and your child so that we can casually observe your child interact with reading and writing tasks to determine what your child needs to improve. 

We also support homeschooling families by:

  • Offering diagnostic assessments.
  • Explaining how to modify your instruction to match your child’s individual needs.
  • Offering student lessons for parents who don’t want to teach literacy skills at home.
  • Selling children’s books and engaging teaching and learning resources.
  • Coaching homeschooling parents.