Learn English

Is Your Student Struggling To Learn English As A Second Language?

Does your student struggle in academic classes because of a lack of proficiency
with the English language?

Our Certified ESOL Teacher Will Help Your Learner Become Successful!​

How We Teach English Language Learners

At Reading Success Center, our experienced ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Tutor will design language lessons to meet your ELL’s (English Language Learner’s) individual needs.

Our ESOL tutor will help your ELL learn English by developing vocabulary and by providing many opportunities for your student to listen to English, think in English, and speak in English.

Multi-sensory techniques and developmentally appropriate reading materials will be used by our ESOL tutor to differentiate instruction while teaching Phonics, Sight Words, Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, and Writing.

The ESOL tutor will also utilize Non-Verbal methods for students to demonstrate their thinking and communication skills with activities such as Charades, Role Playing, Interactive Games, and Drawings while they learn English.

Our knowledgeable ESOL tutor will address your ELL’s individual Learning Style and Thinking Style when planning and implementing ESOL language lessons.

At Reading Success Center, our effective ESOL tutor will strive to make connections to your ELL’s background and find ways to value each student’s home culture and first language as they learn English.

The ESOL tutor is not a homework helper or an assignment buddy however with advance notice the ESOL teacher will design a lesson to help your ELL understand how to work on a school assignment.

Learn English The Natural Way – Don’t Just Study It!

Learning a new language is not about how many words you know, the grammar rules you have learned, or the phrases you are able to memorize.  It is about understanding what you hear and responding easily in a natural way.

When your ELL works with our ESOL tutor to learn English, your student will learn to really communicate in English.

Our goal is to help your ELL learn English by listening to English being spoken, by repeating what is heard, and by responding in English.  After all, isn’t that the natural way that your student learned to communicate in their first language?

English Language Learner Skills  (K-12)

• Conversational English

• Listening Comprehension

• Grammar

• Reading Fluency

• Reading Comprehension

• Writing

• Vocabulary