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Is Your High School Student Struggling To Learn Spanish?

Does your student still need to earn high school language credit in order to graduate or to fulfill college admission requirements?

Our Certified Spanish Tutor Will Help Your Student Learn Spanish!

How We Teach Spanish

At Reading Success Center, our experienced Spanish tutor will design Spanish Language lessons to meet your learner’s individual needs.

Our Spanish tutor will help your student learn Spanish by developing communication skills in Spanish by listening, speaking, reading and writing the Spanish Language.

Multi-sensory techniques and developmentally appropriate materials will be used by the Spanish tutor to differentiate instruction while teaching Spanish Language skills to your learner.

Our knowledgeable Spanish tutor will address your student’s individual Learning Style and Thinking Style when planning and implementing Spanish language lessons.

The Spanish tutor is not a homework helper or an assignment buddy however with advance notice the Spanish teacher will design a lesson to help your student understand how to work on a Spanish assignment from school.

Learn Spanish The Natural Way – Don’t Just Study It!

Learning a new language is not about how many words you know, the grammar rules you have learned, or the phrases you are able to memorize. It is about understanding what you hear and responding easily in a natural way.

When your student works with our Spanish tutor to learn Spanish, your student will learn to really communicate in Spanish.

Our goal is to help your student learn Spanish by listening to Spanish being spoken, by repeating what is heard, and by responding in Spanish. After all, isn’t that the natural way that your student learned to communicate in our English language?

High School Spanish – Levels 1 & 2


Spanish Language Skills

• Spanish Pronunciation

• Vocabulary Building

• Conversational Spanish Language Practice

• English to Spanish Grammar and Syntax Transfer

• Memory Strategies

Study Skills Techniques


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