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Effective Study Skills Will Help Your Student 

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At Reading Success Center, our experienced instructional consultants will design lessons to meet your student’s individual needs. Our tutors will help your learner develop study skills and learning strategies that may be weak or non-existent.

All of our study skills tutors utilize a variety of learning techniques and developmentally appropriate reading materials to differentiate instruction when teaching study skills and learning strategies to your student.

Our knowledgeable instructional consultants will address your learner’s individual Learning Style and Thinking Style when planning and implementing lessons about the process of learning and how to organize information for improved retention.

Although our study skills tutors are not homework helpers or assignment buddies, they will teach your student how to apply these new study skills and learning strategies to school assignments and preparation for tests.

What Are Study Skills?
There are many different kinds of study skills.  Study skills may include Mnemonic Devices, Reading Strategies, Notetaking Procedures, Listening Skills, Concentration Techniques, Motivational Methods, and Time Management Practices.

Why Are Study Skills Important?

Study skills are critical to your learner’s success in school and continue to be essential skills for learning throughout your student’s lifetime.

With proper instruction and active student participation, many study skills can usually be learned in a short period of time and then be applied to almost every subject or topic for your learner’s school career and professional life.

Proper study skills will assist your learner in efficiently completing school assignments and successfully preparing for all types of assessments.

Having effective study skills will definitely help your student with organizing, remembering, and understanding the enormous amount of information that they will encounter as they progress through Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College, and their Professional Career.

Learn Study Skills

  • Memorization Learning/Rote Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Summarizing
  • Developing Visual Imagery
  • Creating Acronyms & Mnemonic Devices
  • Utilizing Pre-Reading Strategies
  • Using Visual Cue Cards
  • Applying Test Strategies
  • Spacing/Pacing – Learning NOT Cramming!
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Our Reading Specialist/Learning Consultant will meet with you and your student for about an hour to:

  • Identify which study skills and learning strategies are not being utilized.
  • Make suggestions for how you can support your child at home.
  • Explain the importance of Thinking Styles and Learning Styles.

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